About Us


Milvo Scaramella, comes from a long line of Stonemasons and heads an extremely qualified team of Stonemasons.

To this day different members of his family and extended family are still practicing Stonemasons, most working in the Alpine region where he is from, Provincio di Sondrio, Italy or in neighbouring Switzerland.

Milvo also has family members who are owners and operators of stone quarries in that region of Northern Italy.

Milvo worked from a young age under the tuition of his father (Master Stonemason) before going in to work in Switzerland where he worked for many years under Swiss and Italian Master Stonemasons.

For the eleven years before migrating to Australia, Milvo was himself employed as a Master Stonemason in St. Moritz, Switzerland, where he was in charge of a differing range of Stonemasonary projects, he was also entrusted to pass his skills onto junior Stonemasons working with him on these projects.

Our work has been featured  in several local publications including “Viva”, “Architect Homes of the Year 2007”, the gardening book “A Natural State” by Kristen Watts, and the television series “Garden Gurus”.



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